The Hirschsprung Collection is a part of Parkmuseerne, which is Copenhagen’s green museum district with six museums situated in and around three historical parks in the city centre: The King’s Garden, The Botanical Garden and the Østre Anlæg park. Everything is within walking distance and you can get access to all museums with one ticket.

Hirschsprung is an art museum in a class of its own. It stands as a unique presentation of Danish art from the 19th and early 20th centuries, spanning the period from the Danish Golden Age to the Skagen painters and the Modern Breakthrough.

Containing a selection of the most important works by masters such as Eckersberg, Købke, Krøyer and Hammershøi, the Hirschsprung Collection offers a representative selection of paintings from one of the most outstanding eras of Danish art history.

The museum building is a beautiful example of the neo-classical style, where the interior, with its subdued colours and small galleries, creates a special and intimate atmosphere.

The museum is built around the personal art collection of Heinrich Hirschsprung, a tobacco manufacturer, who donated his collection to the Danish state in 1902.


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