Kafeteria is SMK’s unique eatery. Internationally renowned artist Danh Vo is behind the interior design and Vo has set new standards for a museum cafe. The ambition behind Kafeteria is to create synergy between food and art – and to invite you to an experience serving as a gateway to the story and art collection that is SMK.
Danish and Japanese influences intermingle in the cafe design, where Danh Vo has selected classical danish furniture mixed with Italian designer Enzo Maris’s do-it-yourself furniture and Japanese Isam Noguchi’s lantern inspired lamps.
Kafeteria is run by Copenhagen-based chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe, who presents a green kitchen and dishes prepared from simple principles. Kafeteria has its own bakery and is particularly known for its large selection of home-made cakes, a colorful range of home-made juices and ice teas, freshly made bread, and the city’s best museum coffee.


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