Central Hotel og Café is located in the Vesterbro neighbourhood right on the border of Frederiksberg. It is a lively and trendy area in secure distance to the city’s tourist traps.

The tiny café is a neighbourhood favourite. Here the locals get their morning coffee to stay or to go and meet up with friends and neighbours. The place is cosy and lively at the same time. Enjoy a sandwich, delicious pastry, organic ice cream, old-fashioned milkshake, fresh juice or maybe a banana split. The coffee is made from freshly roasted beans from Risteriet.

Around the corner is Værnedamsvej, the cosiest street in the city. For nightlife there are many restaurants, bars and cocktail bars in the immediate area. Close by is the old meat packing district (Kødbyen), with clubs, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants – not to be missed!


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