Sans Souci Restaurant & Wine bar

Sans Souci was established in 1902 and is today still located in the beautiful Frederiksberg only 10 minutes from the City Town Hall Square of Copenhagen. The beautiful decorated and historic premises hold a very special atmosphere and has until today only had 5 owners.

The name Sans Souci can be traced back to 1798, when master builder J. M. Quist built his country house at Frederiksberg. The restaurant Sans Souci was established in 1902. It has been run as both a restaurant and as one of the largest and most cosy wine taverns in Frederiksberg, and over the years it welcomed many guests, famous artists, Frederiksberg’s master craftsmen and businessmen.

The current owners Jakob Blom and Kristian Willumsen were fortunate enough to take over Sans Souci in 2014, where the place has been renovated and modernised once more. Nothing has been left out: the kitchen is new, the premises are cleaned up, the old stove has been located and installed, and the facade has been upgraded. The atmosphere has been well preserved and the old pictures and portraits have once again found their place at the walls of Sans Souci.

The restaurant is known for its traditional Danish lunch with classic open-faced sandwiches. The evening menu offers a selection of Danish and French classic bistro dishes with focus on quality and seasonal ingredients. The passion for wine cannot be denied and the wine bar offers a wide range of bottles handpicked by the sommelier.

The purpose of the owners is to continue the special atmosphere in the historic premises at Frederiksberg, and furthermore to leave their mark on the history of Sans Souci by serving delicious classic food and good wine.


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