Elephants, hippos, lions, monkeys and polar bears. A visit to Copenhagen's Zoo in the Frederiksberg area is always a wild and exciting experience.

Copenhagen Zoo houses over 3,000 animals, which together form 264 exciting species. Whatever the weather Copenhagen Zoo offers tropical experiences in the Tropical Zoo.

Snakes, crocodiles, marmosets, hornbills, dwarf deer, free-flying birds and butterflies are just some of the animals you can experience in the 1,500 m2 large rainforest.

In the Children's Zoo it is possible to pat the African dwarf goats and meet the farm animals at the Zoo stage. Here you can also experience the horses being trained, and you can pet them when they are fed at the grooming stations.

In 2013 Zoo opened The Arctic Ring, which gives you a unique opportunity to get close to polar bears, North Atlantic birds and seals both above and below the water surface – an experience unparalleled in Europe.


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