If the walls could speak, they would tell fairy tales of passionate love, lavish banquets and unparalleled grandeur.

Established in 1755, the d’Angleterre is an icon and a historic landmark in Copenhagen, celebrated for its elegance, luxury and style and for being one of the most luxurious hotels in Copenhagen. 

The d’Angleterre is the result of a love affair between two young people. In the middle of the 1700’s Jean Marchal, a servant in the royal court, and Maria Coppy, daughter to the royal chef, fell in love. Maria was known for her cooking talent and Jean knew everything about serving the privileged. Together Mr. and Mrs. Marchal established a restaurant on Kongens Nytorv in 1755. This is where the d’Angleterre story begins.

The founder, Jean Marchal and his successors’ talent and sense for providing exceptional service, hospitality and comfort has carried the identity of the d’Angleterre throughout more than 250 years. This tradition is the foundation of the d’Angleterre legacy.

Today, the owners and every member of staff affectionately carry on the tradition of passion for service that has earned the hotel its 5-star superior rating as the only hotel in Denmark, and we strive to be the leading hotel in Northern Europe.


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