Open air swimming right in the centre of the city. Meet local families with children, beach boys and regular swimmers alike.

On hot days, Copenhageners swim with the city's skyline in free view. During the week, many locals pass the pool for a quick dip on their way home from work.

The quality of the water is checked daily and has to b approved by the authorities before swimmers are let in. There are five pools in all, two of which are specifically for children. The shallowest pool is 30 cm deep. The diving towers are one, three, and five metres high respectively.

During the winter period you may catch a glimpse of local winter bathers.

There is a lawn in front of the pool where you find lots of room for sun-bathing, picnics, ball games, etc.

Lifeguards overview the facilities.

Open from 1 June to 30 September.


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