Finn Juhl’s own house is a textbook example of his project as an architect and as a furniture designer. The house at Kratvænget 15 in Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen was built in 1942. It is situated in rural surroundings on a 1700 m² site adjoining the park at Ordrupgaard.

The house is composed of two blocks standing at right-angles to each other. In one block is a large living room and a small study, while the second block houses the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathroom. The two blocks are joined by an entrance hall which opens to the garden. The house is an early example of open-plan, with a characteristic view through its rooms. Although each room has its own clear function, it is always possible to look from one room to the next as you walk through the house and there is always a view of the garden. The ceilings are painted in pale light yellow and when they reflect the light from outside, they resemble the roof of a tent with light shining through. The house is brick-built and the façade is plastered in a grey-white shade which offers it a soft, matt effect. Therefore the house appears light against the contrasting dark woodland backdrop.


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