Copenhagen's colorful old buildings bring out historic remembrance and add to the cozy feeling of the city. 
With a history that dates back to 1043 the city is full of historic landmarks, significant buildings and interesting sights and museums.

Christianshavn consists of narrow cobbled streets, Michelin-starred restaurants and cosy cafes along the canal. Just across the bridge Knippels Bro is Christianshavn, officially part of Copenhagen city centre. Christianshavn is a much-desired area for Copenhageners to live. And it is easy to see why. It is central, full of bars and restaurants and has a unique maritime atmosphere. Enjoy a cold beer by the canal, dine at Rene Redzepi's world-famous restaurant noma, or get an extraordinaire experience at The Royal Danish Opera. And do not forget to visit freetown Christiania, also situated in Christianshavn.


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