Arriba Nacional is the child of chocolatier Mikael Grønlykke and chef Thomas Herman. Mikael inherited his family’s gastronomic traditions from Falsled Kro, Kong Hans and Løgismose, and he personally pioneered the award-winning chocolate brand Summerbird Organic. Thomas has worked as a chef at some of the best restaurants in the world, both in Denmark and abroad, and his culinary skills have won him both recognition and a host of awards. Now Thomas is back at the stove on select days at Arriba Nacional. The only table in the room seats 8 dining guests. The price is the same, regardless of whether you book the table for 4 or 8 persons. The culinary style is a celebration of Danish cuisine, only in a more elegant and sophisticated version. So don’t be surprised by apple slices served as the dish ’brændende kærlighed’ (’burning love’), patty shells filled with sweetbread or beer brewed on cocoa beans. Forget wine waiters, smirking and pulling out chairs. Expect silver cutlery, damask and a focus on imagination, presence and honest management. The menu and pricing varies regularly, depending on season, accessibility and kitchen inspiration.
The Arriba Nacional shop is centrally located in a side street to Strøget (Copenhagen’s famous shopping street), in one of the most exclusive quarters of Copenhagen, near Kongens Nytorv. The shop’s simple, yet sophisticated décor clearly tells that quality, detail and aesthetics play a central role to Mikael and Thomas, whether you are talking about chocolate, gastronomy or décor.


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