Ships dock right at Elsinore town centre, and close to Kronborg Castle: Home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and host of the Shakespeare Festival every summer. Elsinore is a key point to neighbouring attractions: Renaissance castle Frederiksborg, the Baroque Garden, Fredensborg Castle, the summer residence of the Queen of Denmark and the royal family.

The old town centre with ancient cobbled streets and bourgeois houses can be perused on a cosy, guided tour.
At the waterfront you find HAN, a new sculptural tribute to the classic Little Mermaid. Nearby, the new Maritime Museum offers a visionary presentation of Denmark’s maritime heritage.

A short train ride takes you to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (works by Picasso and Warhol) and to Rungstedlund, home of Karen Blixen. Elsinore is just 45 km from Copenhagen.


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