Carlsberg has always been associated with horses. From the first carting out of wooden barrels, the horses were a mixture of various breeds: Frederiksborger horses, crossbreeds of Jutland and Belgian horses, and other light and heavy breeds - commonly known as “brewery horses”. Today, Carlsberg’s horses are used solely as "ambassadors": at festivals and fairs, on special occasions for customers, and as a subject for the world’s photographers.

Visit Carlsberg is located in Valby in Copenhagen at the location of the first Carlsberg Brewery. The visitor centre will give you an idea of how the world-famous Carlsberg Beer is made. 

Carlsberg is among the largest tourist attractions in Copenhagen and now you have the opportunity to get closer to the roots of Carlsberg, the history and the beer. 

The Old Carlsberg Brewery from 1847 has been converted into a modern centre for visitors covering 10,000 m². In the courtyard is a smaller replica of the Little Mermaid Statue that Carl Jacobsen donated to Copenhagen.

The unique displays and interactive exhibitions take you on a trip through the world's largest collection of beer bottles, the history of beer, and the Carlsberg development. The tour also brings you through a sculpture garden, award-winning stables, and a souvenir shop.


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