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Green areas in Copenhagen


Various stock shots of green areas in Copenhagen:

Shot list

1. Man relaxing in park
2. Elephants in ZOO seen from the Frederiksberg Parc
3. Entrance Frederiksberg Have
4. Statue (King Frederik VI) in Frederiksberg Have and a runner
5. A crowd of people in Frederiksberg Have
6. Bridge in the botanical gardens
7. Duck swimming in the botanical gardens
8. Two horseback riders in Dyrehaven
9. A runner, a child biking and a reindeer in Dyrehaven
10. Reindeer in Dyrehaven
11. Trees and leaves in Dyrehaven
12. Strandvejen (the beach road) north of Copenhagen
13. Boats and kayaks in the water at Strandvejen (the beach road) north of Copenhagen
14. Windmills, boats, kayaks, a man and a child and a bike on the grass in front of the water
15. A man going for a swim in the sea with a boat in the back
16. Amager Strandpark (the beach on Amager) with family on a picnic, windmills and a swimming bath in the back
17. Amager Strandpark (the beach on Amager), windmills in the back
18. People walking by the sea
19. Windmills in the sea
20. Green areas north of Copenhagen
21. Cows grassing on green areas north of Copenhagen
22. Horses grassing on green areas north of Copenhagen


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