Camp Adventure has the longest zip line in Northern Europe measuring 1,558 feet (475 metres) and offers 10 treetop adventure courses as well as an indoor climbing wall. The youngest thrill-seekers (at 3+ years old) will find 3 courses and a nature playground suitable for their age while the older ones can climb up to 82 feet (25 metres) high and challenge themselves while they’re traversing footbridges, zip wires and other obstacles that connect the top of the beech trees.

Camp Adventure’s new Observation Tower, which is expected to open in 2019 is the park’s latest attraction and is a reason enough to visit the park. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular view over the forest while standing 147 feet (45 metres) above ground and enjoy a unique walk along the 2,952-foot (900-metre) passageway that connects the tower to the ground, while at the same time pass through the older and younger parts of the magnificent forest.


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