Copenhagen’s new up-coming urban neighbourhood, Refshaleøen, will soon get a new playground for creative minds and street food enthusiasts near the waterfront.

The new project has been given the working title "Reffen", which is the nickname of the island. The ambition is to create a melting pot with a food market, creative workshops and start-ups, cultural experiences and innovative projects.

Denmark’s first street food market, Copenhagen Street Food - Paper Island, is closing due to a temporary leasing contract. However the founders are still on the mission helping creative minds turning their ideas into business. Thus, the founders have signed a ten year lease with the property company Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab A/S - where there is a space to create a new wild project in a much larger scale.
The area for the new concept is about three times as large as the halls on Paper Island and consist of: The building called “Maskinværkstedet” (The Engine Repair Shop) of 1040 m², 5000 m² of outdoor space and additional access to 4000 m² of a shared outdoor area by the water. The ambition is to fill the area with booths built in multi-level containers and trucks.

The idea is to create a community and playground for innovative projects, pop-ups, creative workshops, gastronomy, design and cultural events of all kinds. The aim is to give both up-coming and experienced entrepreneurs a community and access to a platform where you can test and develop your business concept, whether you are experienced, student or novice. “Reffen" will be a launch pad for turning ideas into projects and business.

The ambition is to create a new place in Copenhagen that has a sustainable approach and becomes a melting pot of amazing experiences that attract and inspire both locals and tourists. Therefore, cultural organisations and cultural entrepreneurs are invited to become part of the project so that "Reffen" becomes a place that can be seen, tasted, heard and felt both locally and internationally.

Refshaleøen is blooming and has already attracted business such as the brewery Mikkeller, Rains Showroom, the restaurants Amass (owned and operated by the former head chef of Noma, Matt Orlando) and Aamanns Kitchen, as well as the festivals Haven, Copenhell, Distortion and Move CPH. Furthermore, there is great news, Strömma/ Canal Tours' canal cruise will sail from the centre of the city to Refshaleøen. In addition, you can go by bike (10 minutes from the centre), car, the public bus 9A (every 5-10 minutes) or the harbour busses 991 or 991.


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