On 18 November 2017, Tivoli opened for Christmas in Tivoli for the 24th time, with the premiere of a charming new railway theme. Visitors can look forward to climbing aboard a steam train and visiting Trainsbury Station in the 2000 m2 area inspired by a love of locomotives in the heart of Tivoli.

The new railway theme was inspired by the time around 1900, when trains in Europe and Denmark were still very new. Hans Christian Andersen was among the first and greatest fans spellbound by trains. He compared travelling by train with flying; he now understood bird migration.
The very first Danish railway, which opened in 1847, stretched from Copenhagen to Roskilde. The main train station was right opposite Tivoli, and Tivoli's guests enjoyed looking at trains as much as the travellers enjoyed looking at Tivoli. One locomotive on this railway was called Odin, which lent its name to Tivoli's new roller coaster in 1985 called the Odin Express.

Train carriages as rides

When Tivoli originally opened in 1843, you could already take the train – but only because trains were the theme of Tivoli's first carrousel. It must have been close to science fiction for Tivoli's visitors to sit in these carrousel train carriages four years before real trains reached Denmark. An earlier roller coaster in Tivoli was called the Electric Express. Its wagons were designed as small train carriages.

Trainsbury Station

Tivoli's new train theme by the Open Air Stage includes a cosy old station building where you can warm up and have something to eat and drink. The waiting room is designed with train interiors from various epochs in railway history.
The Open Air Stage is flanked by 'trains' with engines and carriages inspired by the era of steam trains. Each carriage is a stand, similar to the familiar Tivoli stands: one selling treats, one selling gifts, one selling food - and one of them is a DSB stand selling lovely old train posters etc. The area between the trains is brimming with small rides and Christmas cheer.


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