If you want to combine two Copenhagen classics – smørrebrød and Nyhavn – Restaurant Kompasset is the place to go.

150 meters southwest of Kongens Nytorv and 50 meters sortheast of the Royal Playhouse you will find the restaurant KOMPASSET (“The Compass) – named after its location in Nyhavn, which used to house several manufacturers of compasses.

The main focus at Kompasset is smørrebrød – the Danish open sandwiches. And on the menu you will find 10 kinds of smørrebrød combined with craft beer from local breweries.

You find the restaurant on “the sunny side” of the iconic Nyhavn and close by the new bridget, Inderhavnsbroen, crossing the harbour. The old building is beautifully restored with a sense of quality and aesthetics matching the food on the plate.

Besides smørrebrød, Kompasset serves hot dishes, snacks and desserts.


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