At Vesterbro you will find plenty of food and fashion - perfect for a nice day of shopping.

If you need a shot of caffeine, make a short detour to The World's Smallest Coffee shop at 1, Tulinsgade, an ideal place to invigorate yourself before continuing to Værnedamsvej, one of the very best shopping streets in town.

Værnedamsvej shops and delis

In Værnedamsvej, there is a plethora of fine delis to choose from: Le Gourmand at number 3A and Helge's Cheese at number 9. Cofoco le Marché at number 2 caters to busy urbanites looking for a quick gourmet take-away. In number 15 is one of the city's best wine shops, Juul, with a wide selection of wine and spirits - especially whiskey, and in number 9 is a branch of Summerbird Chocolaterie.

There are also several quality clothing shops here: Shop. at number 3A, Karl Smart at number 11, Samsøe & Samsøe at number 12, and Kluns and Madam My at opposite corners of the Gammel Kongevej end of the street.

If you are tired of shopping, the street has no less than three cafés to choose from for a small break. In number 5 you find Granola, in faultless thirties style, in number 15 is the French-inspired Café Viggo and across the street Falernum, combined café and wine bar.

More delicacies

You shouldn't miss out on VIP at no 6 in tiny Bagerstræde. This is a fine delicatessen where they carry only the best in wines, cheeses, hams, sausages etc. They are also excellent sandwich-makers. Taste your way to a decision and have them make a sandwich of your choice!

VIP also has a small cosy restaurant/bar on Vesterbro Torv proper. In summer time you can sit outside and follow the lively atmosphere at the square.


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