At you are in for a food experience rather than a regular dinner. In the spacious luxury flat, sound- and lighting designers made sure that a team of chefs and dancers will give you and your accompanies a spectacular night with food and theater.

The food is high-end gourmet and the experience comes in two varieties – “The long” on Friday and Saturday, which takes place in no less than four hours, as well as “The short” from Monday to Thursday, lasting a good two and a half hours.

The menu is chosen by the chef before you arrive to the restaurant, and the guests also pay in advance in order for avoiding interruptions doing the evening. The dinner shows are based on different themes. For instance a Roman poet’s myths. The menu is chosen to be suitable for the theme of the evening, to make a strong total impression.

The food-artist Mette Martinussen is the restaurateur behind and has been the creator of several food experience events throughout the years as well as being one-half of the duo behind the successful Madeleine’s Food Theater in Copenhagen.


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