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Lille Bakery x Karin Carlander


Using the art of bread with next level weaving in Copenhagen’s foodie hood.

The roots of Danish craftsmanship run deep at @LilleBakery on Refshaleøen. Mouthwatering baked goods and artisanal textiles intertwine at this haven for foodies. Baker and co-owner Jesper Gøtz takes great pride in the atmosphere in his bakery and perfecting the texture of the bread. Everything just oozes with superior quality and a sense of comfort. It all comes down to choices, and Jesper decided to go all the way using locally hand-woven linen by in the bread baskets to perfect the crust.

Refshaleøen or “Reffen” is an old industrial neighbourhood of shipyards that in recent years have transformed into a hub for urban innovation in gastronomy, drinks, design and craft. The ten-minute bike ride from city center is definitely worth the effort to get an authentic experience of an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

Karin Carlander’s studio in Raadvad is another place not to miss if you want to experience textile craftmanship first hand and explore the soft foresty countryside just 50 min. outside Copenhagen.


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