Go for the giant neon-red wine droplet above the door, and you’ve found your new local hangout on Nørrebrogade. Gaarden & Gaden is a wine bar where you eat equally as well as you drink.

More bar and kitchen than actual restaurant. That’s how Gaarden & Gaden describes their concept. The wine is natural and there’s always a cellar full of secrets, where the staff is always keen to dig up some goodies for the quests to enjoy. The selection of specialty beer is also ever-changing.

But, you’ll never leave hungry from Gaarden & Gaden, that both serves lunch and dinner. The menu leans towards the French and Southern European and boast a broad selection of smaller and larger dishes.

At Gaarden & Gaden, the vibe from the cozy lighting flows out unto busy Nørrebrogade, where there’s always filled on the outside seating in the warmer months.


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Taken 2020-01-30
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