In an old iron foundry and locomotive factory in Copenhagen, the engines are running again. Brand new brewing facilities, specialty products, bar buzz and an ambitious young chef’s team is breathing new life into the old warehouse.

The guys behind the brewery To Øl and Mikropolis bar have joined forces in creating a brewpub, restaurant, shop and bar in Copenhagen’s most lively and versatile neighborhood.

BRUS is the name of the place; a 750 m² raw building with activities ranging wide from brewing, kegging, cooking, shopping, dining and drinking. It all comes together in a sum of quality, science, experiments and functionality to create a playful venue for beer-lovers, microbrewers and hungry souls who fancy some socializing city life; a place with a constantly evolving range of experimental food and beverages.

The Danish name ‘BRUS’ refers to the sparkling quality liquid obtains when carbonated; the frizzy feeling of great brew. With production on-location, BRUS aims to be Copenhagen’s most ambitious microbrew and soft drink projects to date.

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