Ancestrale is a way of making sparkling wine – with other words it means Petillant Natural, or Pet-nat as the word on the street is.

The bar is newly opened, and is kept without dogmas. We aim to be a place for our guest to come because they want a good atmosphere, vibe and a good experience. If it is for Dinner, Snacks, just a glass of wine before or after dinner, or for a full winetasting experience.

Ancestrale is a place to breathe.

The bar is a very small room, with roughly 25 seats, decorated as a cozy livingroom, the music is usually upbeat jazz or disco, or whatever fits the situation on the day. Ancestrale is all about making an unique and intimate experience for every guest. All people are different, and our passion is to adapt to exactly that.

We have a few small and cozy seats on the pavement ourside, and a nice quiet street with sun around noon.

When you enter, you’ll find no wine list, but the servers are passionate about finding the right wine for you. If inspiration is needed there is a wine room and you are always invited to have a look inside.

The winecellar keeps a focus on wines made with a bit of reason in the wineyard, but from there we aim to please all tastes between funky and classic. We praise sustainability and flavours.

The menu for dining is five simple courses, based on seasonal and local ingrediens.

We prefer vegetables over meat, but love butter and comfort-flavours.


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