Kadeau Copenhagen is based in the lovely old district of Christianshavn in the middle of Copenhagen, but the restaurant’s origin lies 180 km to the east in the middle of the Baltic Sea. On the small picturesque island of Bornholm, Kadeau was founded in 2007. It started with a dream of unfolding the gastronomic potential of the produce of Bornholm, and after refining the style of cooking and getting deeper and deeper into the produce surrounding the island, Kadeau saw the light of day in Copenhagen in 2011. Despite being situated in the middle of the capital, the restaurant’s heart and soul remains what it was: the strawberries in the field, the mushrooms in the woods, the fish in the sea and the many herbs on the beach. In short: the taste of Bornholm. The first and obviously most important criterion is – and will always be – the quality of the produce.

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Taken 2015-06-28
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