Bordering on the water at the end of Nyhavn harbour, Almanak is an informal and friendly place to eat – a new meeting place for people living in and passing through Copenhagen. Once inside, the restaurant Almanak is situated on the ground floor to the right. Designed and decorated by Christina Meyer Bengtsson and Ulrik Nordentoft, it seats up to 100 people and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all days of the week, except Mondays. Kenneth Madsen is the restaurant manager at Almanak, and has previously been the restaurant manager at namnam and the London Restaurants Sketch, D&D and Buddha Bar. The kitchen will be lead by Andreas Møller who after two years as Erwin Lauterbach’s sous-chef at Restaurant Saison most recently worked as head chef in the Bip Gourmand restaurant Kanalen on Christianshavn. Traditionally, an almanac is an annual publication listing the days of the year, usually with various kinds of texts and information relating to the date and astronomical movements. In a small country like Denmark, surrounded by sea, with plenty of wild forest food and with burgeoning gardens of beautiful vegetables, berries, fruits, seeds, nuts and herbs just waiting to be gathered in and eaten, there is every reason to consume what is in season right now and strive to enjoy each and every new potato, asparagus, chanterelle, pear, rose and ramsons bud at its peak. Almanak got its name because we strive to set a new standard for how we can use the local nature and changing seasons as a structural principle for the work in the kitchen.


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