The M/S Maritime Museum in Elsinore is one of the most talked-about museums of recent years. The modern exhibitions and iconic underground structure designed by the world-famous BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) have garnered international praise since the museum’s opening in 2013. The New York Times heralded the museum as “a cutting-edge cultural venue” and the BBC declared it to be “one of the eight greatest new museums”.

The underground structure is built into a former dry dock, which until 1983 was used for shipbuilding by the now-defunct Elsinore Shipyards, and it is a prime example of retaining the raw aesthetic of the industrial era by building onto existing elements.

Inside, you will find interactive installations, films and games that take you deep into the world of shipping, whether you are an adult, a child, a ship’s captain or a layperson. As a visitor you will see, hear, and actively experience the maritime universe. You will learn about how shipping connected the entire world, from the flourishing merchant period of the 1700s to our contemporary global society in which over 90% of all products are shipped by maritime transport before ending up in our shopping baskets.


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