At the Rudolph Tegner Museum and Statue park in Dronningmølle north of Copenhagen, you can view the work of Danish sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873 - 1950).

The museum was built by Rudolph Tegner himself. In 1916 he bought a piece of land where he construced a building to display his own art.

Today several hundred pieces of his art is on display at the museum and in the surrounding garden.

Rudolph Tegner was viewed as a provocateur at his time, but is today regarded as a ground breaking artist. His sculptures are very monumental and intense.

Children can play in the park.

The surrounding garden is a great place for children with lots of activities. Moreover, the museum offers workshops and orienteering race in the Statue park.

If you get hungry or thirsty while visiting the museum, you can go to the little nice café, where you can buy coffee, cake, toast, soup or a light lunch.


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