Bornholm Art Museum encapsulates the light of the beautiful island and is a must-see for art lovers but especially for anyone who appreciates great architecture that takes in the stunning natural surroundings.

The museum’s permanent collection consists primarily of works by artists with connections to Bornholm from the early 19th century to the present day led by the Bornholm school of painters – a group of modernists attracted to the picturesque Bornholm in the early 1900 hundreds.

The museum's architecture perfectly encapsulates the light of the small island, which inspired has inspired painters for centuries

Besides the modernists and 1900th century art pieces you'll find contemporary sculptures in the sculpture garden and installations this one by local artist Hans E. Madsen.

Experience the Bornholm school of painters – a group of modernists in the beginning of last century who were attracted to the nature on Bornholm.


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