Experimentarium is a science centre for all of Denmark. Since 1991, we have explored the world through science and technology together with millions of curious children and adults. Read about our mission.

Experimentarium is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to stimulate people’s interest in science and technology and to increase their awareness of methods and results within science and technology. Our target audience is the entire population, with a special focus on children and young people.

Based on this mission, we will transform the way in which our visitors experience and appreciate the significance of natural science and technology for our lives. We will bring out the scientist in us all, and entice visitors to ask questions – and to question the answers they are given.

We believe that knowledge and curiosity come alive with a hands-on approach. Therefore, everything is designed to be touched at Experimentarium, so that play and learning always go hand in hand. This way, complex issues take on a particular relevance, and our visitors go home slightly wiser about themselves and the world we live in.


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