Experimental fashion The area has several interesting shops to offer its visitors. Clothes shops Juice at no. 17, Fünf and Foxy Lady at no. 2, as well as Remö, at no. 3 are definitely worth a visit. Goggle has no less than two shops on the tiny street. At no. 3 you can get clothes and shoes, but at no. 21 the focus is entirely on shoes. At Baan Suan, 18, Elmegade you'll find lots of funky accessories and loads of different sunglasses.

Need a bite? If you feel peckish, drop in at Beat Root at 20, Elmegade. This intimate little place has a great feel to it and offers lots of delicious salads, good bread and a few hot dishes as well. Everything is organic. The Laundromat Café, 15, Elmegade, just across the street, is well worth considering if your back-pack is full of dirty laundry. Let the washing-machine do the trick, while you enjoy a cup of coffee or perhaps something a wee bit stronger. Revolutionary gear and precious stones. At the far end of Elmegade, Kaffeplantagen (café) is on the one corner and on the other the Demos shop. Here you can get all kinds of revolutionary stuff - from t-shirts and badges to books and posters - and feel set back to the 70's. If you turn left on to Guldbergsgade, the gold-smith's Niobium is at 7B. You might be lucky enough to see some of the unique jewelry being created. The work-shop is in extension of the shop. If you continue straight across Guldbergsgade from Elmegade, you find yourself on Sankt Hans Torv, a pleasant square that gets all lively with tables and guests from Café Sebastopol as soon as the weather turns warmer.


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