Built in 1913, Helgoland is one of the oldest sea baths in Copenhagen. Until the 1970s this is where many Copenhagen children learned to swim, and it has been the home of the winter swimmer’s club, Det Kolde Gys (The Cold Rush), since 1929. In 2008, Helgoland reopened after four years of refurbishment, but before it was dismantled many of its wooden planks were sold at auction to sentimental regulars.

Helgoland is divided into a mixed area where swimwear is compulsory, and men- and women-only areas where it is not. The pool in the mixed area is 35m; the others are 25m. Much of its charm lies in the history, and as the water is quite deep and Helgoland has no diving boards, it is also usually very quiet. Helgoland is off the promenade on Amager beach, which has ice-cream vans and cafes, and miles of concrete paths perfect for walking, rollerblading and cycling.


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