During the dark months of the year, La Banchina is open every day for coffee, homemade baked goods, beer, lunch, natural wine and other goodies. Breakfast is served from open to 11.45 and lunch from 12.00-15.30.

The food at La Banchina is rooted in modern Nordic gastronomy using products from our Italian import in combination with fresh produce from the best local suppliers. Focus is on high quality ingredients, carefully selected and prepared with great care to create memorable meals.

Refshaleøen island is an old industrial area that was once home to one of the world's largest shipyards, B&W. Now, Refshaleøen island is home to creative office spaces, activity centres, loud music festivals and even some restaurants. Only about a 15-minute-bike ride away from city centre, this place is like a peaceful island in the middle of bustling Copenhagen. This hidden gem is even unknown to many Copenhageners.


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