Royal Copenhagen shares the spotlight with the graceful and dramatic universe of the Royal Ballet in this year's Christmas Table exhibition. Six of the ballet's most outstanding dancers have placed their talents in the decoration of the Christmas Tables.

Royal Copenhagen and The Royal Ballet share clear similarities. Not just because their histories go back many years, but they also share a common reference within art, aesthetics as well as the aspiration for eternal balance between innovation and tradition. It was therefore a natural choice for Royal Copenhagen to this year invite The Royal Ballet as the creative and inspirational cocreators of the 2017 Christmas Tables. Royal Copenhagen will present and display the 2017 Christmas Tables at the Flagship Store on Amagertorv in Copenhagen, from November 17th to December 31st, 2017.

From dancing to decoration

This year’s Christmas Table decorators have all received countless ovations on national and international stages. They are: principal dancers Alban Lendorf and Ida Praetorius, soloists Andreas Kaas and Femke Mølbach Slot, former principal danser Kristoffer Sakurai, as well as director, and former dancer and leader of the ballet school, Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter. They all give their very own personal interpretation of a Christmas Table - the table that will gather all the people nearest and dearest to them this holiday season.

The sources of inspiration for the six Christmas Tables come from far and wide. There are, of course, many references to the world of ballet, from the Nutcracker and the swan - the white and the black - to the magic of the theatre and the unbridled power of the music within. But there are also glimpses of the Christmas’s of childhood past, and of the Christmas hopes and dreams that lay in their futures. Each dancer has put all their creative passion into creating an inspiring Christmas table that expresses their unique personality and brings their Christmas dreams to life.

"This is not the first time Royal Copenhagen has collaborated with the Royal Ballet to create the highly traditional Christmas Tables - and it's probably not the last. We are two very wellestablished institutions in the Danish cultural landscape, and we both have a strong sense of values, where craftsmanship and precision are focal points", says Royal Copenhagen's Creative Director Niels Bastrup.

Ida Praetorius

The Afterparty "I wanted to create a tribute to love – in the artistic sense and in the sense of togetherness. The thought is that there should always be room for one more at my table, because after a successful premiere, we all need to reflect and share the big and small moments that we only know on stage" says Ida, who has created a warm, inviting space that blends Hviids Vinstue, where the dancers often meet in December, and an adventurous and magical bar in New York. The deep and intense colours of jewels form the basis of Ida's Christmas setting, which is centred on a bronzed mirror, covered with the sophisticated Purpur Fluted Full Lace and Blue Fluted Half Lace, lots of richly-coloured drinking glasses and silverware for the many small dishes that guests can sample. A long bench allows guests to squeeze together while comfortable chairs and extra stools are close at hand so friends can join in after a stroll across the delightfully decorated Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. The atmosphere is as dramatic and intense as a spicy mulled wine, served on a starry December evening. The informal meets the theatrical and Christmas magic happens.

Ida Praetorius (1993). Principal dancer in the Royal Ballet in 2016 and graduated from the Royal Ballet School. Ida started as an aspirant in 2010. She is an acclaimed ballet dancer with an already storied career, and despite her very young age, has already danced lead parts in several ballets. Ida has danced in Hamburg, New York and Moscow.


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