Curfew in Copenhagen is a luxurious bar driven by passion and experience.

Humberto Saraviva Marques is the proud owner of Curfew. He has earlier shared his impressive knowledge about cocktails to magazines and websites. After having worked at four- and five-star hotels around the world and four years as a bartender at 1105, Humberto has opened his own cocktail bar.

Curfew can host 100 guests who can sit at the bar or chill out in one of the green sofas and enjoy a delicious cocktail. Some of the cocktails are made with Humberto’s own liqueur, bitter, or syrup.

You do not need to worry about dinner when you are at Curfew. With help from Karlos Maldonade, one of the co-owners at the critically acclaimed restaurant Taller, Curfew has tapas on the menu as well.


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