BLOX is one of Copenhagen’s major urban development projects and a new destination in the city. Designed by the internationally renowned architects OMA. Built and funded by the philanthropic association Realdania.

BLOX is much more than a building. BLOX is virtually a new neighbourhood on the harbour front in historical, central Copenhagen. Among other functions, the building is home to the Danish Architecture Centre’s exhibitions and to BLOXHUB – an interdisciplinary innovation environment for sustainable development. The complex includes new public spaces, a harbour promenade, bridges, a café/restaurant with canal side terrace, fitness centre, apartments and the city’s coolest playground for young and old.

The Danish Architecture Centre is Denmark’s meeting place for architecture, design and urban culture. Here, everyone is invited to take part in inspiring knowledge, experiences and fresh perspectives on architecture’s potential to improve living conditions for the many. The Danish Architecture Centre occupies a central position in BLOX and offers world-class exhibitions, guided tours, events, a design shop, a café and conference and teaching facilities.

The Danish Architecture Centre opens at BLOX on 6 May with the exhibition ’Welcome Home’, which is about a topic that we are all experts in: our own home. The exhibition is a kaleidoscope of different angles on Danish homes and housing dreams – from the historical shifts that have shaped the way we live, via current challenges that raise questions about the way we live today, to artistic and technological visions for our future dwellings.

With smaller and larger exhibitions that vary throughout the year, visitors are guaranteed to find experiences that expand their perspective and leave them with food for thought. Round off your visit to the exhibition with a tasty lunch or a good cup of coffee, and take in the city’s best view from the large roof-top terrace.

BLOXHUB is an interdisciplinary innovation environment with 500 open office spaces for everyone involved in developing our cities. Through custom-designed activities BLOXHUB match companies, organizations and researchers and help to disseminate the sustainable solutions that make cities liveable. BLOXHUB is an international player in the effort to define and develop good city life and ultimately achieve the UN Development Goal 11: to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

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