Voss Vocational School allows learning spaces to embrace the scenic landscape of Voss in the heart of Fjord Norway. The spectacular surroundings taking in the clear lakes, vast forests and rugged mountains are translated into the form and content of the 11,500 square metres school with a view that stimulates the 400 students’ well-being and ability to learn.

The building design thus takes advantage of the amazing view. For instance, the building wings stretch out into the landscape, while an inner public square draws the landscape deep into the school – creating a bright and vibrant learning landscape that flows through the school on varying levels.

Besides learning and landscape, the interplay between theory and practice has also inspired the building design. The school is thus built around an inner public square that will create a focal point for everyday school life and activities across disciplines and age levels. From the public square, the varied vocational subjects are distributed across the building wings in which workshops for industrial engineering, for example, are connected with learning spaces for theoretical contemplation.

The idea is to create synergy between the varied vocational subjects and at the same time give the students a deeper understanding of the interplay between theory and practice, all with a focus on providing new perspectives on their disciplines and giving them the best way possible to take on their future careers.


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